4Trust Mortgage

Kellee McDonald NMLS #216831


At 4Trust Mortgage our experienced residential Mortgage Loan Originators take extreme care in evaluating your personal financial situation and future goals. We know that throwing out numbers over the phone is not a professional way to handle a critical financial decision that may affect the next 30 years of your life.

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned buyer or are considering an investment property, our team of loan officers have many years of experience and operate at the highest level of integrity to assist you in making well-informed home-buying or refinancing decisions.

The Personal Touch

Even the most technology savvy person will find that the loan process is one much better handled by an experienced professional versus an "internet processor." When you meet face-to-face with a person you are much more likely to get a genuine commitment of exceptional and timely service than with a person you communicate with over the phone or internet. Technology cannot replace personal service or the listening ear of an experienced professional. Each loan situation is unique and must be carefully analyzed in order to give you the highest quality service tailor-made to your financial goals.

Your Mortgage Manager

At 4Trust, we consider your business a relationship. All of our clients are taken on as a business partner. We feel an obligation to keep an eye on rates and programs and to advise our clients of any significant money saving opportunity. Beyond the closing table, we will stay in touch as your personal mortgage manager by watching rates and programs and staying available to advise you, your family members or friends regarding any mortgage needs or concerns. Let's face it, for most of us, our mortgage is the single largest investment that we will make in our lifetime and should be considered a priority and managed effectively.